written by Gitte Winter Graugaard

Author, Expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Four meditations in one book
A beautiful collection for peaceful bedtime routines in your family.

The children's meditation In my heart written by Gitte Winter Graugaard

Advice from the author

1. Pick a time when you feel good and have energy to help your child deal with a new method to fall asleep.

2. Stay calm and loving in your energy even if your child has difficulties with the new method. Your energy, mood and way of communicating with your child highly affect how quickly he/she calms down.

3. Turn off all screens two hours before bedtime.

4. Lay down next to your child and show him/her you have time to read the book in a calm and cosy way. Snuggle up. And if you fall asleep yourself, you might need just that.

5. Talk to your child about the experience with meditation. Listen – there is a lot to learn. Encourage your child to draw the images or feelings he/she sees or experiences during meditation.

Are you having problems getting your child to sleep? You are not alone. Many parents are struggling to help their children to sleep.

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