written by Gitte Winter Graugaard

Author, Expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Do you want help with your child's sleep?
This book help thousands of children to sleep every night.

The gate to dreamland is to be found in our hearts. In this first meditation, your child learns to fill their heart with love and practice self-loving. I can not stress enough the importance of practising self-loving and self-caring. Connecting to our hearts is also the most wonderful way to fall asleep and very effective as well. Sleep well.

When we know the way to our hearts, we can meet each other heart to heart at bedtime and share our great love for one another. Get a unique experience and turn up th elove in your family. In the energy of your peace and in your presence, your child calms down and together you strengthen your relationship. It is also very effective when it comes to sleep. Enjoy it.

Now it's time to get to know the famous and much loved "Little Love Cloud". It is especially amazing if you miss each other during the day. It is a huge gift for the child to feel that you belong together even when you are separated. We learn that love is an energy that can travel over distance and how to get at hug from someone we love. We can even send our cloud up into heaven. 

When we understand that love is an energy that can travel in time and space, we can also send it uinto the universe and learn to meet the world with an open heart. Teach your child about empathy, gratitude, and compassion. In the last meditation, your child learns to share his love with the universe and with other children who are less fortunate.

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