Heart with content


A unique heart in which you save something important is a gift that will make you happy too, when you donate it.


Heart  with content

The heart is hand-made from a single piece of solid wood. The inserted tube with a cork is a place where you store something personal, important for us and especially important for the donee. Donate the heart, donate a part of yourself.


Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 4,5 cm




Heart in prestigious packing

Handmade wooden heart in a prestigious paper packing. The packing is made from recycled cardboard and paper and the bed from sophisticated artificial silk. Coexistence of the heart with content and the premium packing is a gift, which will not be forgotten.


Dimensions 14,5 x 14,5 x 6,5 cm

Heart 3  


Heart in wooden packing

Handmade wooden heart in wooden packing. Packing is made from wood that ended up in the industry as waste, the bed is from genuine sheep wool. Heart with the content in wood packaging in addition to the personal message also bears the message that we appreciate the nature.


Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 7,5 cm